Astro Ollie Golly by Deb Canham Artist Designs (DCAD)

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Deb Canham when describing this Martian Golly says, "not everyone would want one BUT it is different." And she had a great time designing this one! A fun addition to your golly collection or Halloween collection.
Deb Canham's Gollys are all less then 3.5 inches tall. Some have the traditional flat face and others have a more dimensional face. They make great companions to your miniature bears! Gollies are a favorite of artist Deb Canham and she enjoys adding to the collection - each time a different Golly character.
The first Golliwog doll was created by Florence Upton in England in 1895. She created the drawing for a book that her mother, Bertha, wrote called Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls which was a story about Florence's childhood dolls. In the 1920s, Robertson Jam Company chose the Golly as their mascot. They went on to produce highly collectible enamel badges all featuring the Golly over several decades. During the first half of the twentieth century, the Golliwog doll was a favorite children's soft toy in Europe. Only the Teddy Bear exceeded the Golliwog in popularity. By the 1980s, the Gollywog became a controversial figure as he fell into the "politically incorrect " arena. Today, the Gollywog has found renewed popularity with collectors and has regained his reputation as an adventurous and cheerful character.
Deb Canham bears are one of our top favorite collections for miniature bear collectors! You have to see these little guys in person to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship that Deb Canham puts into them. Besides the wonderful details featured in each piece, the joints really work! When you pose an arm or leg, it will stay where you position it. Many of the less expensive miniatures do not have this precision in their craftsmanship. Deb Canham bears are a must for serious miniature bear collectors.

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