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Blum (6" H) is a little fairy bear designed by Mary Ann Gebhardt. This little bear is fully jointed and is made from synthetic mohair. The artist has her initials on the bottom of the left footpad. Her poem on the hangtag reads:

Blum - Blum Fairy will make you forget all your problems ("blums" in fairy language). If, after a bad day, you suddenly, inexplicably find yourself thinking happy thoughts, you can be sure it's Blum Fairy hard at work!
Ganz makes a wide collection of stuffed teddy bears, dogs, cats and more!  They are all adorable, unique and of the highest quality.  Cottage Collectibles are designed by some of the top bear artists in the industry. Many of the designs are award winning. Artists include Lorraine Chien, Mary Ann Gebhardt and Teri Zanetti.

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