Large Angel Love Bear

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Celebrate love! This angel bear holds a red satin box that measures about 3 inches square and has a Velcro flap closure. The words Love and Kisses are printed on the front of the box. All kinds of treasures could be placed in that box! The tag includes a poem that reads as follows:
Soul Mates
What makes a life complete
a question often asked
when your soul mate is found
you've completed your task
Now a new life begins
with all the ups and downs
will you give it your all
so endless love abounds.
Never not tell the truth
your union built on trust
for once it is broken
it will wither to dust.
A guardian angel
with blessings from above
God has sent to guide you
and fill your home with love.
As your lives go forward
a family you will build
they'll be your legacy
your hopes and dreams fulfilled
When death comes to take one
the other waits for when -
reunited in love
as soul mates in heaven.
-Ron Jessen

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